Martini Uno Omni iCat Winkle Fyfe

Martini Fyfe!!!

As is generally the case in the Fyfe household, we weren’t in the market for a new pet.

We weren’t saying, “Hey, we haven’t adopted a new cat in ages” or, “You know, we need more cats in the house”, and we weren’t looking around online or in the newspaper.

I was merely at work at Clark Fork Veterinary last Monday and heard some buzz about some Good Samaritans. It was getting towards the end of the day and I knew I had snowy roads to drive in the dark so I wasn’t really listening. I didn’t even know if they were discussing a dog, a cat, a pig or a goat. Just some people found some animal off the Interstate and they brought it to us.

And then I walked past the cat kennel room making sure to say something cheeky to the spicy clinic cat, Tabasco.

Tabasco. (not my picture)

That’s when someone else caught my eye.

Sitting in the crate above Tabasco was a seal-point Siamese kitty doing her best to get my attention with her mewing. She looked so much like Sport, the feline extension of my own body for the last 20 years that I had to take a step back.

And then I stepped forward and reached in to pick her up.

What the???? (Monday, seconds after seeing her)

I put 2 and 2 together and snapped a picture to text to my husband while trying to pay more attention to the discussion going on in the treatment room.

The kitty needed her right eye removed and that would cost a few hundred dollars. Some of our staff rent or they live with their folks or they have big dogs so not everyone can bring home a one-eyed waif. Many of our staff have young kids at home, too, so a few hundred bucks just days before Christmas wasn’t in the cards.

I pretty much announced right then that kitty would probably become a Fyfe (Alistair texted a few minutes later and added his own seal of approval.)

Kitty… as a Fyfe!

The next day, despite it being really busy, our surgical team led by Dr.Betsy got kitty prepped and ready for surgery (enucleate this!!!!) At one point we thought Dr.Chelsea would be doing the honors, then her clients showed up so then it was back on Dr.Betsy’s books. I had done the pre-surgical exam with my technician, Jessi first thing that morning.

Kitty was very active that morning. Crawling all over us, the exam room, the counters… she climbed up onto my shoulders and thrust herself off my chest towards Jessi who, thankfully, has quick reflexes. She nested in Jessi’s hair, she tried to leap up onto the counters from the floor, she wriggled and wrestled me and my stethoscope and was just a general psycho.

She got herself all nestled in there…

Her right eye was icky. Yeah, that’s a medical term.

It smelled, too and I’m sure it was a source of pain. We aren’t sure what happened to the eye because she was found in the snow next to the Interstate. The smell and the drainage told us the injury wasn’t brand new but its anyone’s guess as to what led to the damage. Thankfully, the rest of her check-up was unremarkable (once we got her to stop the loud purring so I could actually hear her heart.)

Awesome surgical techs, Bailee and Kiersten with the little patient

And, just like that, the eye is out.

And I drove through the snowy night later than normal to bring her to her new world at the Fyfe Farm.

And Alistair got to bond with the cutie patootie under the Christmas tree.

Martini and Daddy

Alistair, himself, is still not 100% post Covid. Its mostly just stamina-issues he faces but he did get to come back to Montana post-quarantine for a week.

And he got to help a little kitty get a new lease on life, albeit with one eye.

Interestingly, since she’s been home, she hasn’t been psycho anymore. I’m wondering if she was just in that much pain that it made her agitated and crazy.

Or, maybe she somehow appreciates already that she’s found herself a couple of Siamese-loving suckers who don’t really have a lot of rules at their house.

Other than my main one: donate your reproductive organs at the door and get along.

Feeling a little sniffly and sneezy during her recovery

She is also battling a lovely upper respiratory infection right now, likely brought on from stress, surgery, stress and more stress. While moving into Fyfe Life is great, its still a lot of changes. Good stress is still stress!

The reproductive organ thing will happen soon enough. And the getting along? Jockey and Martini have already slept on either side of my leg through the night. There isn’t any hissing or growling, either, so I think Jockey figures the little cyclops isn’t much of a threat.

We haven’t met the ferrets yet because once we knew Alistair tested positive for Covid we whisked them off to their other home with Joel, Jeanette, Ivan, Fallon and Panzur. I got to visit with them yesterday on Christmas Day and it was an absolute blast.

“Do you like my pink noses???” (Barry)

The Bee Gees will stay there for another couple of weeks while more flooring will be happening around them in early January and we need them breathing clean air through their teensy noses. It just gives Maurice more time to horde socks and intimidate the year-old German Shepard in the house.

“I just like to keep the big dog guessing, Mamma!” (Maurice)

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I am ready to put December in the rear-view mirror. And yet we are wrapping it up with a one-eyed Siamese cat that I like to imagine was sent to us from Spirit of Sporto. One of the toughest days of my life last spring was putting him and Bebe down the same morning and it has taken me a long time to reconcile that, even though it was absolutely necessary.

And I had some tough moments as a veterinarian, a realtor and a wife, not to mention a solo gal on a snowy ranch at the end of a long driveway this month.

This. This was a fun morning driving to Deer Lodge. Hey, Powell County- doing a bang up job on Woodworth road this year! (They are 80 drivers short this winter…)

And I watched an almost-recovered husband head down the driveway Friday morning to begin the onslaught that is his job on the front lines again today.

He texted me “65” after 3 hours of work today.

That’s the number of patients he had seen already.

Friday morning. Bye, Hon!

And its not sustainable and they are short staffed and the staff who are there are pissy and that’s to be expected and with the holidays most other clinics are closed and they have no windows and he isn’t fully recovered but we also haven’t dealt with how Covid has taken a toll on his mental health the past 6 months and another partner tested positive yesterday but he’s asymptomatic and Omicron is spreading like wildfire and I’m here and he’s there so I can’t force him to eat well and who has the time to eat well when you’re seeing 65 patients in just over 3 hours and your wife gets to live in the mountains with the cute new one-eyed kitten and there honestly is no end in sight and the real estate transaction is still happening but I’m not holding my breath but I’m cool even though I probably have to go and plow more snow when I finish this blog.

Surveying my handiwork (Big Red’s handiwork) on Christmas Eve; got to keep that open for Santa!

I probably won’t blog again until 2022.

That’s kind of neat, actually.

I’m choosing to remain the optimist I always have been (even if it borders on naivete.) I AM in the beautiful mountains with a cute new companion and I’m fortunate enough to have the kick-ass ’96 Ram with the guts and strength to move snow from here to there.

I have friends and family who have had my back through thick and thin when I’ve put myself out there this month.

I’ve shared because I sometimes feel like my life is one big teachable moment but also because its one more coping mechanism I posses.

I use words.

And pictures.

“Use your own words, Cobalt!”

Here’s to Martini Uno Omni iCat Winkle Fyfe and everyone who sent in name suggestions! Here’s to Good Samaritans and to excellent veterinary team members.

Here’s to every like, e-hug, and comment everyone sent me this month.

And here’s to 2022. We got this.

Here’s to these two recovering
Christmas day selfies with Andy at the Roesner house!
Pre-leap towards Jessi during her pre-surgical exam on Tuesday
Welcome aboard, little one!

8 thoughts on “Martini Uno Omni iCat Winkle Fyfe

  1. Poor Alister I hope he has no Alrthoes my wife brought one of those Chinese things home,had lots of cats on the farm and never bothered Mr but that thing had my eyes throat and nose swole up so bad. I let it out one night when it was in heat and thank the lord it never came ba ck. Lol Alister just saying!!

  2. I HOPE Allistair had some good rest while home! My prayers are always with those in clinics and hospitals. We have had a few deaths here in our small community and county! The largest county with the smallest population!! I just get a kick out of all your doings!! It’s puts mine to shame but I guess I’m retired, I should organize my time better! I hope to do better with my blogging! My life is a bit slower paced, restful and peaceful! We traveled bunches last year! i’m planning on investing in a smaller laptop and take it with… So Hopefully and keep up on those I follow! You wear many hats so please keep sharing your Doings!! Happy New Year to you and Allistair!

    • Thanks so much for reading and taking time to write back! Alistair is on his way back to Montana right now and he sounds like he is doing well. The volume that the front line workers are seeing across the country with the 2 variants is not sustainable… I worry about that and how long they can all last. He can get here today, though, and I can help take care of him. I hope you do some writing during your adventures! Hugs! xo

  3. Happy New Year as it is February already! You have had quite the snow plowing season! I just really enjoy your everyday life! Pretty much the reason for me moving back to Oregon. I feel bad for Allistair! I’ll just keep him in my prayers! I was happy that he got to come home and relax at his Fyfe Ranch with all the fur pets and new addition Martini! Hope the new year brings more time together, the happiness, of loving each other and the pets you surround yourself with to make it so entertaining! Blessings

    • Thank-you, Theresa! I always appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and give thoughtful comments. We are looking at making ways to make life better for Alistair this year. Stay tuned as we sort things out! xo

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